Candidate Placement Bonus Program

In an effort to continuously attract the top tier of the shrinking talent pool, Alan Barry Consultants offers a signing bonus to all successfully placed staffing candidates. This signing bonus is called the Candidate Placement Bonus Program (CPBP).

Every candidate Alan Barry Consultants places in an opportunity, either contract, contract to direct, or direct, receives a bonus. The bonus is based on several factors and is awarded after being offered, accepting and starting a position that Alan Barry Staffing and Recruitment professionals identified and presented to the candidate.  The disbursement of this bonus is contingent on several variables but is scheduled prior to the start of the candidate’s new role and with a complete outline of the requirements and parameters that need to met for collection of this bonus.

Typically, most CPBP signing bonuses are collected by candidates, successfully matched to their next career path by Alan Barry Consultants, between 30-60 days after the candidates start date of their new position.


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