Subject Matter Expert

Taking the Qualification Steps to the Next Level

Alan Barry Consultants has a Subject Matter Expert qualification process to further qualify prospective Candidates for our Clients. This added step in the qualification process does not guarantee that a particular Candidate is exactly what is required for a successful match to an opportunity, but it has shown to be a valuable tool in understanding Candidates current skill set and how may or may not be applicable to a particular job opportunity.

What qualifies an individual as a Subject Matter Expert?

Alan Barry uses several factors to determine if an individual is suited assist our Recruitment Team as a SME including reference checking and requiring at least 10 years experience in the targeted field of interest. SME are also graded continually on the performance of the candidates they qualify. Many times the SME will brought into the Job Scoping process with Alan Barry Account Managers to allow the Client to assess the SME and their ability to contribute to the process.

Interested in becoming a SME?