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Alan Barry’s staffing division has the capabilities to handle sourcing for the following:

  • Contract
  • Contract-to-Direct
  • Long-Term Contract
  • Direct Hire
  • Payrolling Services

Quality Assurance

Alan Barry understands the importance of an effective and well executed quality assurance program.  Alan Barry begins this process even before our clients see a potential candidate’s resume.  Our relationship based recruiting philosophy includes the personal interview of potential candidates, reference checking, education verification and a background checking program tailored to the needs of our clients.   Alan Barry does as much up front leg work as possible in an attempt insure that the majority of the candidates we represent to our clients meet the baseline requirements. This up front effort can afford our clients a more

After an individual is placed on assignment with a client, the quality assurance process continues. Alan Barry conducts regular performance assessments with the client to ensure the contract employee continually performs to expectations. Over time, these evaluations are an important tool in assuring a good match was made between candidate and opportunity. These ongoing assessments seem to have particular value in contract to direct placements, as it is important for both parties, candidate and client alike, to determine if the opportunity is right.

Relationship Based Sourcing

Alan Barry Consultants has a relationship based candidate sourcing and recruitment philosophy that has helped supply our diverse client base with talent that in many cases would never have been identified. In a time where many potential candidates seem more reluctant to use job boards such as Monster and Career Builder, LinkedIn now seems to be the default source for recruiting talent. However, many potential candidates have expressed that some agencies, using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool, bombard their place of employment with constant calls, driving some candidates to discontinue using the networking site. While this is not always the case, it is an example of how these online tools are losing their credibility. Conversely, Alan Barry uses a “referral first” approach that allows our team to source the best candidates whether they are actively looking for a new position or not, while being mindful of a candidate’s privacy and comfort level. Do you need information on how Alan Barry’s staffing services can assist your organization?

If you can’t find it, build it.

CAD Training

In cases where a particular candidate possesses many strong qualities, but lacks in some areas, a client can leverage our Engineering Consulting team to help train the individual. This scenario is not always applicable, but in instances where a candidate has all the necessary skills but is unfamiliar with the CAD package used by the client, this solution works well.

Please contact the Alan Barry ECS Division for details or for general information visit the Alan Barry Engineering Consulting Services page.

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